Festivals and Gatherings

Art that comes from the countryside and cultural manifestations from indigenous communities around the planet are just a few of the ways that the World Conscious Pact utilizes to bring our message to the world. In this section you’ll find a series of activities organized or supported by the World Conscious Pact

!The whole World says Aho¡ Festival

An initiative by the brilliant musician Jesus Hidalgo and the talented dancer Teresa Padron, in their eagerness to support the causes promoted by the WCP, this overachieving pair of artists organized the first festival in September 2013 in Miami. Since then, this increasingly popular festival gains followers and new artists to join the initiative after every show, and it goes on annually in numerous countries. The most recent festivals were presented in a tour from december 2015 to january 2016 in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

The whole World says Aho

!The whole World says Aho¡

Chaski Fest

This festival initiative by Jose Jaramillo, bassist for the band, Krapula, and Hector Buitrago, leader of the band Aterciopelados, is a festival that unites conscious artists who are aware of the care that Mother Earth needs to reverse prejudice, aware of need to care for water, for native seeds, and the need to rescue ancient wisdom among indigenous communities. This festival goes on numerous times a year in cities all over Europe and the Americas, and in each festival artists come together to spread a message of love that uplifts them, and uplifts the World Conscious Pact.

Chaski Fest -  Polynesian Dancers

Chaski Fest – Polynesian Dancers

8,000 Drums for Change Festival

There is an ancient prophecy from the elders of the Tolteca Otomi tribe, that when 8,000 drums gather and sound, a period of change will come over the earth. A change in consciousness among people and an era of prosperity and happiness on earth. This festival promoted by the World Conscious Pact is also organized by a diverse variety of indigenous communities around North America and they sound together in the search of a conscientious and peaceful society, that lives in harmony and abundance of it’s magnificent humanity.

8,000 drums for Mother Earth and humanity

8,000 drums for Mother Earth and humanity

The Kiva

Kiva means the temple of Mother Earth’s heart. Every four years the World Conscious Pact gathers wise indigenous authorities from around the world to meet in Kivas for a very ancient ceremony. The fire of gratefulness remains lit as does the commitment of all these authorities to Mother Earth, this is the origin of everything. To take advantage of this great meeting, there are seminars, lectures, and many more activities in favor of NatureAgents or Guardians or Mother Earth.

Kiva, the Heart of Mother Earth

Kiva, the Heart of Mother Earth

Roots of Earth

This meeting of wise figures was born through the vision of a native elder named Raymundo “Tigre” Perez, from the Big Mountain Reserve in North America, in protection of the spirituality of the indigenous and mestizo tribes in America. The World Conscious Pact receives the post with great enthusiasm to rekindle and organize these gatherings, and to maintain the incredible wisdom that indigenous peoples carry. Their spirituality and their culture are a voice of hope for the world.

Roots of Earth

Roots of Earth

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