Mining Destroy Life

No to Mining

The environmental impact of mining is disastrous. Mega mining projects are a source of mass pollution of water, soil and air. It destroys biodiversity of the area where it’s placed, and it’s a source of disease for humans and animals alike, because of the amount of chemicals that are released into the water.

On the other hand, it usually generates social issues. It’s known that the easy money it brings is related to social degradation, aside from the fact that most of big mining industries have funded the murder of many innocent people to remove them from their territories, through armed groups or dictatorships in the places in which they want to begin mining exploitation projects. These cases are found from Africa to Central and South America from centuries ago, and are still present today.

Ancient cultures teach us not to take more than what nature generously offers, and in this sense, gold and other precious metals are used in the manner in which they surface. However, mining industries nowadays do not know or do not care about this norm, and their mining activities threaten the balance of life and ecosystems, more so if we understand that metals too play a role being where nature has placed them. Yet, with all our technological advancements, mining is lethal for life on the planet.

Mother Earth is suffering the effects of mega mining projects everywhere in the world, this is why World Conscious Pact calls to peaceful boycott. To ease the pain of our sacred Cosmic Mother, we must change the ambitious mindset that diminishes the value of life and overvalued money, social status and material wealth in general. A simple life, but with higher thinking is the basis of healing for our Mother Earth./p>

Human ambition is more destructive than any natural disaster.

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