Reasons that Unite Us

Reasons that unite us - World Conscious Pact

They say the greatness of a man or woman should be measured by their ideals, this is the strength that impulses them to work hard every day and not to give up, regardless of hardships.

The World Conscious Pact is the fruit of the dream to see all beings in the world living happily in harmony with Universal Love. This is our dream, that our action can generate a change:

That organic seeds can be protected.

That indigenous communities can have the right to live in accordance to the wisdom inherited by their ancestors and that their territories can be protected.

That all of mankind can learn to relate to every being in the universe.

That healing systems and natural medicine can count on institutional support and promotion.

That natural sanctuaries in any part of the world be conserved

That agrotoxic and transgenic contamination disappear.

That self sustainable communities can be supported and promoted

That the suffering of animals can be reduced to the minimum grade, promoting the nutrition and values of vegan food.

That through peaceful boycott, we can end the support for those who take advantage our own ignorance (conscious consumption).

That the dignity of all species is respected and that the rights of Mother Nature can be recognized around the world.

That hydric sources can be protected.

That injustices caused by large enterprises and international interests can come to light and be stopped.

That governments can consult communities before making decisions about their territory and lifestyle.

That irresponsible mining activity can be stopped.

The organizations and activists that can be part of the network that works in favor of the Common Causes. Ideals unite us and together we become stronger to continue to making an effort, and that with the dreams of everyone, we can build this great dream.

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