The music encourages the most subtle of our and forms part of the lie of the humanity since the beginning of time, through the music we represent our life experiences, cults, moments, nations, etc. Due to the music being capable of transmitting the feelings and ideas and it is also able to reach instantly the heart of the man.

So the music in its most positive aspects, when the message exalts the human heart and it makes him awaking consciousness, in favour of assuming a latent love for the reality that demands it, for their brothers, parents and children, for the creatures with whom we share this home called Earth, and for the Nature that blankets and feeds them. Then that must be special over any other kind of music, due to her cause.

The World Conscious Pact extends his arms and hugs the beautifull effort of those who that with the beauty of their music can distill that latent love, own of the environment that surround us, and transmit in messages of faith and hope, for a better world for a world of everyone for everyone, for a hppy world.

We present below some of those beautiful and brave efforts, to make of that music their company, an instrument to awaken consciousness and wakaen the conscience of the people that surround them.

Conscious Music


Ama-zonas del Dr. Krapula

AMA-ZONAS is an independent non-profit album that unites the initiatives of artist from Mexico, Chile, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Africa and India that conform the JAGUAR Collective, that send a singing to awaken consciousness, for the preservation of the territories the knowledge and the communities that conform the Amazonia
Hear the álbum Here

Abre Sierra – Renace Bakata

Abre Sierra - Renace Bakata

52 artistas de Colombia, Inglaterra, España y Francia, con la guia de mamos koguis, arhuacos y autoridades espirituales, se reunen para invocar el respeto de toda la humanidad para con la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, corazón de la tierra. El álbum fue creado en apoyo al movimiento de la activista indígena Ati Quigua, en defensa de los territorios y pueblos indígenas de Colombia
Hear the álbum Here

Voces por la Patagonia

Voces por la Patagonia

Angel Parra, Inti Illimani and another artists show their protests through their compositions, against one of the big corporations that destroy millenary ecosystems, water sources, like the communities of the Patagonia Chilena, the one who now represents one of the most important zones of our planet, because it has unique characteristics in relation to their ecosystems
Hear the album here

Below, we show a list of independent artists with different musical currents and styles, that with their songs in one or other way, spread a message of peace and harmony, artists like MC Yogui or Prem Joshua & Band or Arakara and Funkishor, in addition to excellent artists like Krshna Smaranan, Dr. Krapula, Bhakti Rasa, Rupa Daya and much more great talent.

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