Who We Are

Network for the Mother Earth

We are an international network that fosters and strengthens multiple organizations, social groups and activists that put forth their energy daily in order to build a healthy consumption culture, promote and respect the rights of Mother Nature, protect seeds, water, ancestral wisdom, among other Common Causes.

We promote responsible consumption, the protection of animals, the rights of nature, the value of ancient wisdom and the well-being of humanity while maintaining harmony with the happiness of all living beings.

Our goal is to multiply the interconnections of a living network, composed of all sentient beings everywhere, so that it can be strengthened.

We are part of the IKWASHENDWNA plan

IKWASHENDWNA, is a word in the native language of Mother Earth, which has been revealed and translated by the spiritual leaders of the Kogi and Wiwa people, located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. It fully represents the effort of all people and spiritual authorities around the world who attempt to heal the relationship between Mother Nature and her children, due to generalized indifference.

Our commitment is to promote love and respect towards all living beings, all people and their culture, as well as to the Father the Creator and to the Cosmic Mother which sustain us; otherwise, it will not be possible to find the happiness that comes from an internal and external equilibrium.

Rio + 20 and COP 21

Artistic perfomance in rio+20 World Conscious Pact

In 2013, Rio+20 was the scene where the World Conscious Pact was presented for the first time during the event called the People’s Summit, in the presence of thousands of people who joined this call for Mother Earth, asking the authorities of more than 195 countries gathered there, to take urgent measures against the ecological situation of the planet.

In 2015, the COP21 took place in Paris. There we joined the most important social movements of the world to promote the rights of nature, as an urgent solution not only to climate change but many other problems.

During these meetings we concluded that it is essential to promote a change of individual consciousness through peaceful boycott, like Mahatma Gandhi’s, in order to stop the consumption of anything that benefits those who take advantage of our ignorance. To change the world, we must change ourselves, this is a major step.

¡Your action begins where the bureaucracy fails!

Artistic performance in rio+20 World Conscious Pact

Artistic perfomance in Rio+ 20 – World Conscious Pact

Join the World Conscious Pact

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