The importance of perennial spirituality

Many spiritual ceremonies around the world are invoked with the sound of conch shells

Many spiritual ceremonies around the world are invoked with the sound of conch shells

“Modern day issues are caused by the lack of spirituality”

Mamo Lwntana Nacoggi

“We believe in the natural spirituality of each being, original spiritual laws and faith in them”

Ati Quigua, indigenous leader

“Spirituality is gratefulness and compassionately helping thy neighbor”

Mamo Muisca

Ancestral communities remind us that there exists a spiritual dimension to and in everything, in rivers, mountains, animals, and of course, in human beings. There also exists a universal order, an original set of laws and a purpose for the existence of everything. This law, given by the Supreme Creator, guides our actions and prevents us from falling into an exploiting mentality.

Careful realization of payments or sacred offerings, prayers, spiritual cleansing and various rituals that keep this connection alive, are part of all spiritual cultures around the world, although each person or community knows different forms and names for divinity and deities, the essence is always the same.

The word spirituality does not refer to institutions, because many of these use such a term to exploit the poor, native peoples, land and animals.

We are indebted with whom brought us to existence, and with the great force of the Cosmic Mother, maintains us. If we do not recognize this, we degrade our being.

Materialist:Someone who believes that matter is the only cause, purpose and end of everything.

Predator:An individual who abuses his dominant position to benefit regardless of the suffering of others.

Rationalist:Someone who accepts as true only that which can be understood with his own structure of thought.

Secularist:Someone who believes that all faith in which something he cannot experience with his senses, is superstition with no educational value.

Nihilist:Someone who believes we should not believe in anything.

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