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Museum of medicinal plants. Cusco, Peru

Museum of medicinal plants. Cusco, Peru

Ancestral wisdom teaches us that good health begins with a good diet, avoiding excess, hygienic practices while eating and living a peaceful life. Eating what the Earth offers, without agrochemicals or genetically modified food, keeping a loving and grateful relationship with our environment.

From the moment we think that we are not indebted with Mother Earth the imbalance begins. In order to take the first step towards healing, we must first pay attention to our thoughts, the way we eat and our relationships. This way, we would avoid allopathic medicine, which should always be our last resort or used in case of emergency.

Ancestral and emotional medicine reminds us that the individual, society, and nature are interconnected. We are not isolated beings in bubbles; on the contrary, the quality of the exchange between internal and external determines our health or illness. In this sense, its clear that relationships must be healed and nurtured, sharing a good relationship with other beings whom we share paths with, Mother Earth and ourselves will bring us the health we want.

Unfortunately, ancestral and emotional healing systems lack support from governmental groups and medical insurers, which makes it harder to access for the general population. Thus, what prevails is a “health” system that tries to fix everything with drugs, regardless of the frequent side effects leading to dependence and more illness. Often doctors betray their patients with these drugs and do not condemn junk food and animal products.

Mexico City is one of the pioneers in the legalization of Emotional Medicine, thanks to the work of Adriana Hutizlitin, and we support all new related initiatives.

    The World Health Organizations recommends reducing meat consumption for good health.

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