After 4 years we celebrate the closing of kiva, in December 11th, 12th, 13th, 2015, with ancestral authorities of the whole planet.

By an arrangement of the spiritual destiny, the Ancestral Andean Knowledge found the millenary Himalayas wisdom. In 2012 the Eco Yoga Town Varsana (Colombia) was elected by the indigenous people to hold the ancestral communities encounter of America, to keep alive the fire of the Kiva: The temple of Mother Earth’s Heart, which is a circular digging where, in honor to Mother Earth, we sing our players and show our gratitude

Algunos de los representantes de las Naciones reunidas en la Kiva

Some of the representatives of the Reunited Nations in the Kiva

This events are done with the support of the World Conscious Pact, in parallel, formation seminars, Informative seminars, and another kind of seminars as guardians of Mother Earth which are offered to every single visitor and volunteer in the event.

Ceremonia en la Kiva - El templo del Corazón de la Madre Tierra

Ceremony in the Kiva – The temple of Mother Earth’s Heart

As a result of this encounter the declaration of the United Nations in Spirit was born, in which the ancestral people reunited (Nadda, Panches, Misak, Kogui, Wiwa, Uwa, Yanacona, Cofan, Embera Chami, Huitoto, Quimbaya, Mhuysqa Chibcha, Wirrarikas, Vaisnava, Maya Chontal, Maya quinche, Apache, Quechua and half-blood natives) recognize their common origin in the thinking of the Big Spirit, from whom everything finds its origin in and teach that it is everyone’s duty to put our mind in cooperation with the origin, to remember that we came here to live from and for her. It is a proposal of education that puts in the center the BEING and the coexistence in harmony with every single life being.

Ceremonia en la Kiva - El templo del corazón de la Madre Tierra

Ceremony in the Kiva – The temple of Mother Earth’s Heart


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