World Citizen Passport

This document was requested by the Dr. Vandana Shiva, and it counts with the blessing of the grandparents and masters who represent the ancestral wisdom, as one, we offer to every single activist, world citizen and organizations that fight in order to protect Mother Earth.

Vandana Shiva receiving the World Citizen Passport

Vandana Shiva receiving the World Citizen Passport

The World Citizen Passport, identifies you as an activist, nature agent, cultural ambassador or commander, that understands that Mother Earth has no boundaries and that it is our duty to protect her, in general, everyone who in any way promotes an extraordinary behavior in defense of Mother Earth can use this passport of world citizenship.

Furthermore this document can be used in every associated establishment that we can find in the Golden pages, to obtain different benefits or to register your participation in the events that support this cause.

David Jaramillo (Dr. Krapula) receiving the World Citizen Passport

David Jaramillo (Dr. Krapula) receiving the World Citizen Passport

The Golden Pages On the other side, the golden pages is a guide to every restaurant, naturist shops, eco towns,
academies. Etc. affiliated to the World Conscious Pact and the Original Kingdom of the Spoon Revolution.

Each one of these sites is a front, where the respect for the environment, the animals and every life beings is promoted. In this fronts you can eat really tasty vegetarian or vegan food (if they are restaurants) get informed and grab material from our campaign like okis, magazines, videos, etc.

Ruben Albarran (Café Tacuba) recibiendo el pasaporte de Ciudadano del Mundo

Ruben Albarran (Café Tacuba) receiving the World Citizen Passport

The Original Kingdom of the Spoon Revolution is a world territory for those who want to get into promoting the respect for the animals and defending Mother Earth. If you live, work or study in a place that shares this ideals, where nothing that means harm to the animals, please subscribe it as a Ministry and support this cause.

You can download and print the passport HERE

Find the associated establishments directory in:

Conscious Consumption

Golden Pages

To join the net of associated establishments, you can sign up HERE

Join the World Conscious Pact

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