The World Conscious Pact magazine is now live!


The World Conscious Pact Magazine is available , a generous effort and a call indeed, to be part of this network of people aware of the deterioration of the relationship with Mother Earth , and also practice the culture of the conscious consumption and respect for the rights of Mother Nature , a beautiful and necessary cause that brings us all together.

World Conscious Pact Magazine Frontpage

World Conscious Pact Magazine Frontpage

The magazine that has been written in a really easy to take with you format, is well presented and edited, and it is a bone scan of what the World Conscious Pact is and the ones who collaborate with it, the ideals that they pursuit and how are they done, a tour over the broad front of its fundaments, projects, friends and allies.

Organizations that already are doing something, volunteers that participates in every single front, name it, “behind the cameras” making the maintenance labours of the website or gathering information, activists weaving the net of the unity of all the World Leaders that share our ideals, or the Chaskis that take with their art the message to the rest of the World, etc.

The magazine is now live and you can order it or just ask for information in the following places.

Colombia, Bogotá.

Av. Calle 3ª Nº 25ª-61

(57) (1) 2 777 794

[email protected]

Perú, Lima.

Paseo Colon 414

(51) (1) 423 8854

[email protected]

The invitation is inescapable, the magazine also has information over the alternatives proposed by the World Conscious Pact, like the UDSA(Universidad de la Sabiduria Ancestral, University of the Ancestral Wisdom), the OIDA Therapy or the Eco Towns, information over the open letter to Francisco Pope, the legacy of the Nebusimake Declaration, and also information of how to become a Guardian of the Nature, a “NaturAgent” and get your “Dipluma” and passport as a World Citizen.

In this link you will find the online magazine.

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