The 10 promises of the Guardians of the Nature

A Guardian of the Mother Earth or Nature agent, more than a title it is about a primordial identity and natural that each one of us, each one of those who live in a close vital relationship with Nature, a symbiosis misunderstood by the humankind in general, which is mistakenly understood as a right of unconscious predation.

Such behavior causes a disorder and an imbalance, which is easily noticeable nowadays.

The whole humankind and each one of us have a qualification and a natural duty towards the Environment that supports us, unless we recognize those duties, the latent danger over the
continuity of life, not only of the human life, but from every single life being on earth is in

So the World Conscious Pact presents below 10 points which are vital in the accomplishment of our natural duties and responsibilities.

The 10 promises of the Guardians of the Nature

Grant support to those who strive to protect Mother Earth.

Stop the damage that we deal to Mother Earth, because of our bad habits and unconscious

Hear and represent the message of the Elder Leaders from the ancestral cultures.

Be responsible by recycling our trash, reusing the gray waters, using dry bathrooms and others.

Diminish the usage of petroleum derivatives: fuels, plastics, etc.

Support the industry that offers solutions avoiding products made from animals.

Weave nets and information channels as an alternative to the mediatic industry that makes the consumers unconscious.

Create and maintain organic orchards and ecologic communities, that promote the
consumption of organic products.

Communicate to the people the urgent necessity of taking care of Mother Earth.

Thank deeply the opportunity of joining to the Mother Earth Guardians, becoming part of the solution.

The more people who join this effort, the more possibilities of an effective change.

You can also Download the document and print it to invite your friends to sign HERE.

Join the World Conscious Pact

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