8 Campaigns for Mother Earth

Through the WCP you can show your support to the causes that unite us, signing and
spreading the petition available in our website. Like this, you join to the voice of more other
people who want to call the attention of the official authorities to promote an effective change
in the laws and the society in general.

The right to the water, to feed ourselves without getting intoxicated, with a healthy nutrition, the right to live of every single life being that share their habitat with us, the right of the people to coexist peacefully and respectfully, these are natural rights, innate and own from the humanity and from every single life being that share this planet with us.

This are rights that we must respect and furthermore, demand them to be respected and the World Conscious Pact joins this 8 campaigns that every conscious human being must support.

8 Campaigns for Mother Earth

If your personal ideals are reflected in any of the following campaigns, then join this force that weaves the net of the change:

Recognize the rights of Mother Earth to keep her protected of any kind of abuse.

Protect the water sources and keeping the drinkable water free-usage.

Free the agriculture from the usage of agrotoxics and transgenic.

Reject the unnecessary violence against the animals.

Support the international action to reduce the consuming of the meat that the UN took in the 2nd Jun, 2010 declaration.

Protect the original seed and that the life can’t be patented.

Demand that the commercial products include information about the origins of their

Demand the respect towards the ancestral communities, their habitats, their belongings, their culture, autonomy, way of thinking and development.

The industrial agriculture and the pesticides, harm the Mother Earth

The more people that join this effort, the more possibilities we will have of an effective change.

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