Singing to the Water

Singing to the Water

Singing to the water is a real singing and conscious from the mantra “AH”, sung with the energy of love, gratitude and forgiveness towards the waters of our planet, that is done since 2010 every March 22nd (World Water Day), in different geographical points at 12m – local meantime.

It is a singing that is born in every single heart, with the goal of healing the waters of every territory so the ones who are with us can awake the consciousness and heal the waters of the entire planet. This singing has become in a force which is lead by the union and the cooperation. Far from being a message of rebellion, protest or opposition, Sing to the water is energy that is born from the sound which has been made with love intentions and conscious, able to transform and create a new reality for this planet. The actions and the changes that are born from this co-creator singing, are the incarnation of this energy, part of the change and of the collective awakening.

8000 drums

Each March, 22nd since 2010, with the purpose of getting back that spiritual link with the universal water, singing to the water celebrates the World Water Day with a simultaneous singing, uniting thousands of persons at the same hour in different water sources all around the planet.

In the 2014 we sing in “One Voice”, in more than 350 places around the world; for this 2015 under the saying “Natural Resonance”, we extend again the invitation to participate in the Singing of the water.

The intention that moves Singing to the water during this year is the one of transmitting the reflection of the Natural Resonance, getting to the point where each one of the members looks at himself as a channel of the Mother Earth and the Father Sky that spreads throughout his voice the sound that they have given us, strengthening the objective of being in unity with everything.​

We will remember also in our singing, meditation and praying to the Big Water Master: Mass aru Emoto, that departed to meet the fountain in October, 2014. We will continue with his legacy, feeding him and expanding him.

We invite you to be in touch with the confirmation of the singing points throughout the world in our web page and social networks.

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