Listen to women, your mothers

Wisdom womans

Kankurwa Mayor de Sekwinkuta, School of Ati Mamas and Mamos of Santa Marta Sierra Nevada

Many men think, speak, act, and go without solving anything for Mother Earth. it’s time to listen to women, our mothers.

Women are natural representatives of perennial spirituality, of the orientation of the Divine Mother, therefore, listening to women could change humanity’s path. Sacred femininity should lead the new paradigm of the conservation of our Mother Earth.

Women in their role as mothers are who best understand the emergency in which our planet is. They do not tolerate seeing their children destroy their own future and therefore understand the feeling of Mother Earth, mother of all plants, animals and humans.

Men, denying their mother’s advice, make many mistakes: they move away from natural spirituality, mistreat women, sacred rivers and mountains, they forget the gratitude relationship with our source of life. In this way, men, with a blinded heart, become the cause of the problems which affect the entire planet.

Women, in turn, are the leaders, the educators, and if she connects with her own heart, there she will find her purpose of taking care of and nurturing life using all means available. Therefore, women should become the managers of the change process towards a more sensible humanity, capable of understanding and assuming the pain of others as if it were their own, just as a mother would completely surrender to save the world she leaves behind for her children, which she has brought to Earth with the complement of men, and finds in this service her own satisfaction.

A mother’s heart is difficult to understand, love simply does not fit rationalism. We need much more of this LOVE in all our hearts to achieve a peaceful life, to coexist in harmony with all beings and species in Earth. The time has come to listen to women, our mothers, and reconnect with the wisdom of feminine divinity that wishes only good and happiness for all beings.

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