For the Rights of the Nature

por los derechos de la madre tierra bogota avaaz cesar martinez

The laws that we currently have are not enough to face the challenges of our time. Water contamination is already a main source of conflicts in nations throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc. The amazon rainforest, the lungs of the word, are being destroyed at the rate of a football field per minute. Therefore, life on this planet faces an unimaginable risk and we need to more effective measures than those that exist now.

Despite treaties about the environment, in the past forty years legislation has allowed us to wipe out fifty percent of the earth’s biodiversity. Nature is suffering. Nevertheless, it is possible for us, as citizens, to protect her utilizing the law. Before the law nature is simply property or an object of exploitation (just as slaves, women, and indigenous peoples were once considered).

While Nature continues to be considered in function with economic values, it won’t be possible for us to take measures that guarantee medium term life. We need a change. Recognizing the rights of nature could be our last opportunity for survival.

If local and international laws recognize Nature as a subject with rights, in other words, as a being with inherent rights to existence which should be guaranteed over economic interests, the earth should have the opportunity for her cycles to be respected, to regenerate herself and for excessive exploitation to be stopped.

Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico City are pioneers in this initiative, to which more and more activists from around the world are joining every day.

This movement, promoted by the sacred spiritual feminine force manifested by activists like Dr. Vandana Shiva, Mumta Ito, and others, propose a change of paradigm toward our Mother Earth. It’s a necessary step for the welfare of all beings.

Human rights and the rights of nature are two sides of the same coin.

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