Common Causes

Common causes - Avaaz march by weather, Bogota

The World Conscious Pact Network covers topics in many areas, from food to consumption, to the protection of nature against extractivist ventures, the protection of communities, especially those most vulnerable that save profound knowledge about how to live in harmony with all of creation, and much more. All of this is interconnected and interdependent.

The vision that connects every aspect of the reality we live in allows us to visualize more effective solutions than the mechanical subdivisions of the world in isolated fragments. Although the scope of individual action is limited to a certain extent, the power of interconnected action through each of these individual entities is unimaginable, it’s our big opportunity.

Currently we find many fronts that need to be treated as global emergencies. Fortunately there are people interested in making an effort to intervene in one situation or another. These are the threads that we weave this network with, the common interests pacted by different allies that meet the essence of our Common Causes:

We’ve listed a few of the Common Causes which are the knots of our net. They present the issues that we care about, as well as the ideals that move us. Based on those we weave the network of relationships that strengthen and allow for the multiplication of a consciousness of universal love.

You can find more information and news related to each cause by clicking on any topic from the following list:

For the Rights of Nature

Seed Protection

Caring for Sacred Waters

Rescuing Ancient Wisdom

Protecting Sacred Sanctuaries and Routes

The Importance of Perennial Spirituality

Natural and Emotional Medicine

Mining destroys life

Listen to Women, our Mothers

Conscious Consumption

If you want to share more causes or join one of these, message us and join the World Conscious Pact.

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