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We want to spread the inspiration and enthusiasm that drives many conscious people in the world to make idealistic projects, to inaugurate movements and to dedicate their vital energy to build a better world, in harmony with our dear and caring Mother Earth.

Rene Casas (Co-founder of the WCP) and the Cacique Rahoni (Kayapos leader) meeting in Brazil

Rene Casas (Co-founder of the WCP) and the Cacique Rahoni (Kayapos leader) meeting in Brazil

These small and great heroes show us that there is an attitude to take towards the suffering of any living being in the world, that we can commit ourselves with love overcoming the imposed indifference. It doesn’t matter if we can make large or small feats, if we are many or few, the existence of just one of these people who give us an example of heroism, it’s proof that you can make a difference before the circumstances which we live in.

Friends and members of the World Conscious Pact are those who make the difference, they decide not to participate indifferently, not to worry exclusively for themselves in a selfish way. Our desire is that everybody, in one way or another, may join this path.

Here are some of the activists who inspire us by their commitment to the protection of nature and ancestral cultures, whose dedicated work is a hope in life. Although there are many more, this is just a small sample of those small and great heroes. We invite you to know and disseminate their work.

Common causes are the issues that unite us to these activists and their organizations, even though each one of them is individually responsible for their actions.

Get to know and get inspired by their dedication and service. To learn more about it, click on the following links according to the classification:

Grandmas and Grandpas

Founders, activists and those who inspire us

Friends and Allies

Cultural Ambassadors (Chaskis)

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