Rescuing the Ancestral Wisdom

S. Bhagavatî presenting the Passport of the World Conscious Pact in the Kumbha Mela. India. 2013

S. Bhagavatî presenting the Passport of the World Conscious Pact in the Kumbha Mela. India. 2013

Ancestral Wisdom is the legacy that the origin and nature gave to all the native cultures of the world, to recognize their relationship with life. Many towns and ancestral communities, from the mystical east to southern Chile, preserve this wisdom.

That is why we’ve decided through the University of Ancestral Wisdom (UDSA), to undertake a campaign to connect all those who wish to learn from reliable sources the knowledge that ancestral authorities want to share, to help us grow both internally and externally.

In this campaign we share a special recognition called Dipluma to encourage all aspirants to Naturagents or save guardians of Mother Nature, giving the feather of ancestral wisdom, which is also a commitment to improve our relationship with the Mother.

University of Ancestral Wisdom – UDSA

Rescuing the Eastern and Western treasures

The need to rescue for the world, the treasures that ancestral wisdom possesses and were pushed aside by the predominant imposition of the euro centrist Western traditions, has led to the foundation of this educational platform, from which sages of ancestral cultures around the world get connected: the Himalayas, the Andes, Amazon and more.

The UDSA supports the efforts made by the spiritual authorities to revive a society where love is greater; the practice of natural law or the law of origin. It promotes research of every kind of knowledge and wisdom that allows the protection of Mother Earth and understanding amongst peoples.

More than 60 Mamos, or sages grandparents of ancient cultures, have joined this project giving their support and blessings. They endorse the Naturagents’ Dipluma, which students are certified with, besides sharing their wisdom in any of the 4 areas (faculties) of the UDSA: Sacred Art, Mother Earth, Ancestral Healing and Aboriginal Peoples.

Virtual courses

for the moment, all courses are in Spanish

Activism Course

Oida therapy course

Yoga Inbound course

Healing with orquideas course

As cristalline as the river

We learn to protect the territory course

The UDSA offers online courses, promotes meetings, conferences and other classroom activities. Learn about Perennial Psychology, Yoga Inbound, the Wisdom of Rius (Rius) and Dr. Vandana Shiva. Visit

UDSA headquarters in Peru

UDSA headquarters in Peru

UDSA headquarters in Colombia

UDSA headquarters in Colombia


The UDSA team is made up of people of great humanity, committed to the welfare of the planet and indigenous peoples, some of them are:

Omar Padilla - UDSA Rector


Omar Ardilla

Rubiela Díaz - UDSA Director


Rubiela Díaz

Jhon Ney - UDSA Infraestructure


Jhon Ney

Verónica Paredes - UDSA Coordinator


Verónica Paredes

Victor Jara - UDSA Coordinator


Victor Jara

Yadira Muñoz - UDSA Secretary


Yadira Muñoz

Andressa Dit - UDSA communications


Andressa Dit

Gonzalo Guzmán - UDSA Representative


Gonzalo Guzmán