Seed Protection

Seed Protection

Mother Earth demonstrates her love through seeds. They carry the memories of native communities in the form of nourishment, they’re the cradle that gives origin to life, the livelihood of the consciousness of all sentient beings. Throughout time immemorial, farmers have saved their harvests for the next year. That’s how the cycle of life is maintained.

Regardless, this millennial practice is being threatened by the use of transgenic and suicidal seeds, whose products don’t produce new seeds and deplete potable water reserves. It’s also being threatened by laws that punish those who save original seeds, ending this form of self sustainability and autonomy among indigenous communities.

This is a reality that pertains to everyone, because seeds are the foundation of our sustainability. It’s also an undeniable danger, there are already numerous communities that have faced agricultural catastrophes based on genetically modified seeds.

The creation of live seed banks and the interconnection among their guardians brings hope to the world.

Below feel free to view two stimulating documentaries that approach this topic in a practical way. Con los Pies en la Tierra by filmmaker Angelica Zamudio, an alarming look at the average citizen’s indifference toward this issue; and 9.70, a documentary directed by Victoria Solano that demonstrates the situation created by the application of the law 9.70, which prohibits colombian farmers from saving their native seeds and those who have had tons of of rice seized from them for not having used patented seeds.

With your feet on the ground - Protecting seeds

9.70 Protest against the criminalization of the use of native seeds in Colombia

The World Conscious Pact, in alliance with Makiah, the networks of Ecovillages like Eco Yoga Village and more, participate in pilot projects in various countries. We invite everyone to get involved with the protection of a life seed bank and to choose organic products.

The protection of the native seed is the only guarantee to continue living freely and at peace.

Seeds are the foundation for the autonomy of indigenous communities and their cultural conservation.

It’s the foundation for a healthy humanity.

“If there’s a seed dictatorship, we won’t have the option to eat healthy”

Dra. Vandana Shiva

vandana shiva protecting seeds

Dr. Vandana Shiva is the founder of more than 122 seed banks in India. For over thirty years she has dedicated herself to the defense of native seeds and the rural communities in her country. She has written revealing books about the importance of caring for vital resources like water, to avoid conflicts and maintain world peace. She is one of our primary inspirations.

She is the founder of Navdanya, an organization that fights for the protection of seeds.

We invite you to learn more about her work and visit the organization’s website Navdanya

Allies in the cause that brings us together

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