8000 Drums for a Change

This festival, based on the prophecy of the 8000 drums, is an artistic demonstration to awaken the consciousness of the individuals that inhabit this planet. Promotes to re-establish the link with the heart of the Nature, through the resonance and the vibrations that the drums and the ceremonial songs emit.

Prophecy of the 8000 drums

“When 8000 drums are played together again. A big healing of Mother Earth will begin, of our people and every life being. A bigger unity, respect, love, compassion, happiness and peace in the Earth will come.”

The elderly of the Tolteca Otomi nation, 1521

8000 Drums for a Change – Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta, Colombia

So the World Conscious Pact will play 8000 drums walking towards a fair, sustainable and peaceful global society, for a community of life with ecological integrity, for the universal human rights, for the equality in the diversity, for the social justice, for the equitable economic development, for the governance and a real, good and fair democracy, because we all think this is possible.

8000 Drums to live good, for the sovereignty and respect of the indigenous people, for the auto sufficiency, sustainability, clean energies and healthy environment for the Earth and every life being in this planet.

8000 Drums for a Change – Racine, Wisconsin

8000 Drums for the healing of Mother Earth, for the healing of our hearts, for the ancestral wisdom and for every single relationship. For the reunion of the Hawk and the Condor, for the intergenerational education, the link between elderly, children and youngsters. For an active and non-violent peace, for the global happiness in the dawn of the new era.

8000 drums for the survival, for the respect, the self-determination, the freedom, the justice, the peace and the dignity of every indigenous people and all the countries of the World.

8000 drums for a peaceful coexistence, reciprocity, and generosity, the helpfulness, the honestity, the solidarity, the cooperation between the whole humanity and the children of Mother Earth

8000 Drums for a Change – Sao Paulo

8000 Sacred Drums of the infinite gratitude, happiness, abundance, balance, joy in the life, for the beautifulness and the nobility in the behavior of every life being

Joining forces to protect Mother Earth and her rights at the same time, in many countries

8000 Drums for a Change

Joining forces to protect Mother Earth and her rights.

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