Eduardo Rius, the Passing of a Friend


By Paramadvaiti Swami, co-founder of the World Conscious Pact.

This incomparable Mexican cartoonist and educator, Eduardo Rius, departed from this world. I remember him very fondly. A man who was never afraid to tell the truth, who defended animals and the health of humanity with his tireless messages about vegetarianism. He who helped Euro-American imperialism to be seen as “the emperor’s new clothes”, who exposed the grand imperialist mafia of the church in a thousand ways, is no longer here on Earth.

supermachos eduardo rius

He left the Supermacho series and nearly 120 books covering a diverse variety of topics, all in his unique style combining animation with profound research.

I’ve always admired his work. I made many attempts to interview him during my visits to Mexico, but being that I’m a Hindu monk, he was always suspicious of me, but finally, with Lilavati’s intervention, the great author and educator Rius granted me his presence in the Govinda’s restaurant in Tepostlán in 2012.

During our first meeting I told him about our contact with indigenous communities and the development of the University of Ancient Wisdom (UOAW) to distribute his work among the schools of indigenous groups around Abya Yala. Grandfather Rius said “I’ll give you my life’s work, just promise me that no one will get rich off it”.

Our friendship was instantly profound, he told me that he wanted to go to India so we planned a trip twice, but it failed twice due to his health. During my last conversation with Grandfather Rius, he said that he felt like his trip to India would be postponed until the next life.

Three days before his passing, the UOAW received support from the government of Santa Marta, Colombia to print the first ten issues of Rius’s teachings for indigenous communities.

eduardo rius and swami paramadvaiti

It’s difficult to find such a brave person in this world. I feel happy to have met him and have been his companion in the distribution of his great work against the destruction of Mother Earth, for health and human dignity. His openness to embrace ancient wisdom was exemplary and I hope that all the revolutionaries who want to rescue human dignity follow his example.

I say goodbye with a hug, because he wasn’t an ordinary man, he was a man of love and essence. He fervently believed in reincarnation, he even wrote a book about the topic, it’s so nice, and surely his work will be continued.