Rights of Nature in the Mexico City Constitution


“The right to the preservation and protection of nature will be guaranteed by Mexico City authorities in the scope of their competence, always promoting citizen participation in this subject”

As stated in article 18 of the new Mexico City constitution, which was approved after a vote in the constituent assembly, which resulted in the officialization of the articles in Mexico City’s political constitution, as planned.

An image from the day the Rights of Nature was delivered to the senate

An image from the day the Rights of Nature was delivered to the senate

According to the article, Nature is now a subject of rights and it clarifies that the completion of this guarantee isn’t just the work of Mexican authorities, but also of citizens.

Mexico joins the progressive political current of countries like Ecuador and Bolivia, representing an example of inspiration for the world, and which was the result of the efforts of citizens, groups, and organizations, both local and international, guardians of the Rights of Nature.

Last year Mexico hosted the Forum on Rights of Nature, whose conclusiones served as a foundation for the language in the article. Around 150 international and domestic civil, social, political, artistic, academic, and activist organizations presented at the forum, along with indigenous leaders from many American communities, including the World Conscious Pact.

The beginning of the last day of the constituent assembly session

The beginning of the last day of the constituent assembly session

It’s important to highlight that this victory, a víctor for all, was the product of effective collaboration among citizens around the world, united in an organized effort for the most natural cause for everyone. All the efforts and collaboration gave their fruit.

Thew news caught the attention of the United Nations, understanding that this is an example to be followed, they published the article “Harmony with Nature” under the Rights of Nature section. This is an evident example for all the governments around the world of how they should create legislation around caring for nature.

The process doesn’t end there, once Mexico City’s constitution is promulgated, it will still have to propose the Law of the Rights of Nature and its elaboration. The deadline for implementing the new law has been set for December 31st, 2020, but it’s estimated that it will come into effect by 2019.

The implementation of a new law that establishes Nature as subject of rights isn’t the only thing that makes this new constitution progressive, it’s also the fact that it focuses on prioritizing attention to citizens and the environment.

Constitution publication ceremony in Mexico City

Constitution publication ceremony in Mexico City

This constitution establishes the right and duty of the citizen to solve problems of general interest, and guarantees the rights of citizens to a dignified life, highlighting their rights to sport, education, technological advances, and establishing their right to coexistence, recreation, and rest.

In regards to animals, it establishes that: “the city’s authorities guarantee the protection, wellbeing, and the dignified and respectful treatment of animals, and they will promote a culture of responsible care and guardianship”. This guardianship is the judicial responsibility of authorities as well as citizens.

We thank everyone for their efforts, and the senators who made the proposals at the Forum for the rights of nature. However slowly, they help us to open a door to a new kind of legislation, more coherent with the needs of humanity.

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