New App: Paxamama News for the Rights of Mother Earth


The Paxamama News application is now a reality: all the news related to the Rights to Nature available at a touch of a finger. Art, science, culture, the cosmology of indigenous communities,
Interviews, videos, music and much more to remain connected with this ideal.

Pachamama News App

Pachamama News App

Paxamama News is a training app with pedagogic effects, as it strengthens environmental consciousness, sharing the ancient wisdom of indigenous communities with the world. It facilitates the user’s interaction with national and international organizations dedicated to the defense of Mother Earth, recognized as a living entity with legal rights.

It approaches this topic from art, science, law, culture and indigenous cosmology, through interviews, music videos, live broadcasts, a naturalist agenda, articles radio, documentaries, events, courses and workshops. With social media, we’re co-creating the network of digital activism with easy access all over the world.

The application is available through AppStore and GooglePlay. To download it now, click the following links:



Check out several screenshots of the new Paxamama app

App Paxamama News Screenshoot 01

App Paxamama News Screenshoot 02

App Paxamama News Screenshoot 03

The World Conscious Pact will use the app to share updates related to the Rights of Mother Earth, and we invite everyone who follows us to connect through the Paxamama News app, to receive news directly on your phone.

We ask all our friendly readers to download the app, use it regularly, share relevant information with the world and distribute it amongst your friends!

Below we invite you to watch the presentation of the Paxamama News App.