Crowdfunding UOAW – The House of the Elders


This week, the University of Ancient Wisdom (UOAW) launched a new crowdfunding platform to support the construction of the House of the Elders at their primary branch located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. This new platform allows us to make donations online instantly.

The project is being carried out on sacred Tayrona territory, and will provide an important space to receive elders, scholars, students, practitioners, volunteers and visitors from all over the world during their stay at the university, while they share the millennial knowledge of the Mother Earth and the elders.

For First Nations, nature and ecological sanctuaries represent the ideal spaces for education. This project aims to rescue this notion, uniting areas of sacred art, spirituality of Mother Earth, the governmental structures of indigenous peoples and the wisdom of ancient healing with a unique design based on sacred geometry. The house will consist of multiple levels, the ground floor will include bedrooms, while the upper level will be a living area for activities and lectures. In addition, it will have two eco-friendly bathrooms, a kitchen, gardens and common study spaces. All materials being used are eco-friendly and biodegradable, with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The University of Ancient Wisdom seeks to consciously complement contemporary educational programs with spiritual knowledge based on the teachings of our ancestors and indigenous communities, which will help us to establish unity and universal harmony with the environment. The priority of the construction of the House of the Elders is to rescue and share our transcendental heritage, developed for thousands of years by first peoples.

The commitment and help of all supporters and advocates for the preservation of ancient wisdom are fundamental in completing this project, as well as the support of organizations interested in continuing to project this initiative towards a massive public.

Below we invite you to watch a video where you can learn more about the construction process. To offer your support and make your donation, click here.

This work, like everything done by the University of Ancestral Wisdom, is an offering to the United Nations of the Spirit in support of the treaty signed in 2015 between ancestral peoples around the world who represent the law of origin and who seeks reestablish the relationship of the human being with nature. –

How can you help? It’s very simple; choose a reward, sign up, choose your payment method and share!

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