Andean Ancestral Medicine and COVID-19


How to stay healthy

In times of global health crisis, hearing from ancestral Andean healers is a door that opens to good physical and spiritual health.

The Conscious World Pact Argentina presents this beautiful and profound interview with grandfather Intiñan, traditional healer of the Qhapaj Ñan community. This community has existed since ancient times, long before the arrival of the Spanish in America.

The Grandfather Intiñan Choque

This community has been maintained for centuries, preserving its uses and customs, and preserving native seeds such as amaranth, quinoa, varieties of potatoes and the famous chuño. In the community, the authorities, the amautas, are appointed by the original authorities, within the great circle of grandmothers and grandfathers.

What does health mean and who does it depend on?

Health is paramount, that is why the community follows the principles of “living well”, where the art of cooking and eating well is learned, and those who do not learn this art get sick. Through food and living according to customs and customs, any disease can be cured. Thus, in the community they live according to the seven movements of the wipala, from a young age the children help with community tasks and live according to this tradition. In addition, they always bring their own food when they go to the city, because you have to avoid eating anything that can harm the body.

What is the root cause of COVID and how is it eliminated?

Diseases happen due to a lack of energy (spirit), which is the fire that we have inside the body, as if it were our battery. When this energy is depleted then the body becomes weak and we become ill. Thus, when the spirit within the body is in balance then there is health.

What weakens our health is mainly the junk food that is found everywhere today, consumerism, sugar, flour, etc. All this blocks certain parts of the nervous system and thus begins pain, stress, worry and failures in the liver, which is where food is processed. If the liver is bad, the whole body is bad.

COVID is more of a plandemic, a plan that has been forced into us. The people of the city are very afraid and this virus works very well with fear…

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These are just a few words, an introduction to the wisdom you will find in this interview with Grandpa Initiñan … see for yourself and nurture yourself to keep your spirit and body strong!