The Human beings are made from non human elements.


Written by Dorian Antuna

When the science says that there is no evidence that an electron has no consciousness, it is saying that there are levels of consciousness, it says that an and or a dog cannot have the same level of consciousness than a human being.

However, all things, atoms, stones, plants, animals and stars are ordered together, only one of my thoughts is constituted by everything that I am not, my animal ancestors act together with my plant and mineral ancestors, all are in me, in my atoms, in my cells, in my blood, rising to my brain, not mine, from a magical reptile meditating in my hypothalamus where all these mineral emotions, each and every one of these vegetable experiences, all the dreams of the animals act in me to produce this thought, neither mine, of the world, that is to say that Mother Earth as a whole participates to create this thought, with the rivers, mountains and deserts vibrating with emotion that expresses this voice that is not mine but from the whales and hummingbirds. Truly our Mother Earth does not produce this thought alone, of course the Father Sun participates, and all the planets and galaxies participate.

the human been is part of the universe.

That is why it is convenient to drop the idea that “this thought is mine,” because that produces a complex of superiority, inferiority complex and even complex of equality, certainly this type of thinking has come very well to the anthropocentric capital system, in a Marriage celebrated with this type of pyramidal system of thought we believe that it is well that there are poor and rich, it is normal to think of the superiority of whites over blacks and that it’s very natural and of general knowledge that men are superior to women, and that it’s correct to think that the Spaniards are superior to the natives and so we reproduce again and again this irrational type of thought that believes that once you see how an electron behaves, you have seen them all. Or that once you have seen an ant, or a star, or a woman, or an indian you have seen them all. And in this type of pyramidal thinking we try to convince ourselves by saying things like “But if I ask myself about the origin of the universe, then I wonder where we come from and where we are going, I wonder what is love and what is after death” and we say “I do not think a dog asks itself These things, I do not see an ant producing a symphony or painting a work of art or implementing a new scientific discovery, and then we say: “There must be levels of consciousness, of course we can’t put all these things on the same level, and my level is among all these things the highest”. This is a type of pyramidal thinking that is clearly discriminatory.

We are in the world, and the world is inside us.

Without the stones, without the rivers, without the tigers and snakes, we can’t see the way we see, we can’t think the way we think or live the way we live. When we look at a tree or the eyes of a hummingbird, that work of looking not only my eyes do it, but it’s done in conjunction with my brain, my blood, and with each and every one of the cells of my body, with all of this my eyes look, and without all of that it wouldn’t be possible for my eyes to see, but not only my being participates in the act of looking. Certainly without the planets and the stars wouldn’t be possible to see for my eyes, then when we produce a thought, when we reason, when we sing, when we pray, the whole galaxy participates, all our lineage goes to participate of this instant.

Then it happens that by thinking these things, we think we have a great intelligence and we say that “no one has thought about these things”. But we don’t have to be very proud of this type of thinking, discrimination comes in many forms and is the source of all kinds of suffering. We said, it creates complexes, an ant has the same knowledge as a whale or a flower, have the same will to live, know how to live with family and do the best they can. From this perspective, I think that a drop of water, that a dawn, or the sound of the wind are creating less suffering than I from my false ego that acts like a psycho-spiritual virus that is infecting all mankind, but I know I can do better. I know that when you roduce a thought, is Mother Earth and Father Sun producing that thought with you, do not say that you are alone with your thoughts! Neither these thoughts are your property, when we judge indiscriminately separating ourselves from the whole we create suffering, there are the birds and fish borrowers of love and conscience and, in every way, we are the feather and the scale consecrated to shelter in our flesh and in our spirit as something universal for the benefit of all beings.

The whole from the unconscious

It is true that something unites the atom with the star, and something unites that star with the singing of the whale, and something unites the whale song with the flight of the hummingbird, it is true that everything is united with everything.